I am a freelance photographer with interests in  portraits, fashion, studio and dance photography.   
As a photographer - I am in pursuit of capturing memories which you can cherish forever.  In each capture I see an opportunity to bring out the best by engaging and working with the subject.   My interest  in photographing people started initially with friends and family events from early 90s.  I  later started a photo studio (KoolSnaps; 2004) when living in Bay Area (CA, USA) which we had for a few years before I relocated to Stockholm (Sweden) on expat assignment.  A memorable first project was a kindergarten school yearbook photoshoot  (see project - Kinderland CDC). 
I live in Bangalore (India) and  have been actively taking up photography projects (mostly Indian classical dance events) since beginning of 2019.  I am looking  to spend more time with studio photography and photoshoots - as I continue to enjoy this  journey of exploring the wonderful art of photography.
You can contact me through a social media account (right top of page)  or by using the below form. Also, you can email me at info@rajeshbalay.com 
Thank you!
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